Film and film on UV light box

After nearly two years into teaching myself the process and learning how to navigate the curves, I've managed to start making some artwork with the printed out comes. It's fancy dark room stencils really, with lots of wiggle room for expansion, mistakes and mishaps. The studio set up I have is pretty simple and compact which is necessary with the amount of space Jane I have. People manage with less and what I have is probably more than I need at the moment. Check out the handfull of photos... parts of the process:

Coated - Exposed - Rinsed

This reclaimed screen is on its last leg. After a few reclaims there is always a little artifact of the last image(s) and for the most part this grunge adds to the over all look that I prefer. At some point the unknowns start to interfere and retiring a screen is inevitable. Before sending it out to pasture the cleaning products I use are "green", an Eco-line that is both good on the pipes (everything gets washed down the utility sink) and easy on the checkbook. 

Two different ink colors for two different ideas... bound to somehow integrate, it's always good to have choices. The inks used are waterbased, easy to use, mostly predictable and the best part... solvent free clean up. Water is precious and I do feel a little self-conscious at times when the tap is running too long or the hose is employed too often. 

Blank ink on kraft


Scarlet ink on Kraft. My favorite color combo.

Glued to panel and ready to go... Not totally sure what the overlay motif will be. Bulls eyes, stripes, chevrons, drips and drools. I'm leaning towards two plus some drops to reflect what's in the print. The goal is to make at least 5 pieces this month.

Stick-flat glue down and ready for a paint job. Look for the finished product in the Present Fine Art Gallery in the next couple of days